All the articles are React components. They're committed to Git. They stay versioned, with a full history. This website is a private Git repository hosted on GitHub. If you send me a nice email explaining why you'd like to have access to this repository I'd be more than happy to add you as a collaborator.

Articles are not in a CMS. This is not a Wiki. Wiki's also have edit histories and change logs, but I prefer Git and React. I need to be able to write code along with my articles.

There's no real system, but I'm interested in exploring a use of Personified Nouns, where I have internal hyperlinks, that are clickable, but they don't look like other hyperlinks.

Personified Nouns were used by 19th century poets to allow them to work with personal, subjective interpretations of lofty terms and ideals.

I'd like to make this website a kind of poetry, of code, ideas, and textual interactions with the world at large.

There's a lot of discussion happening in forums in manners that don't work very well for the kinds of conversations and interactions that I'd like to be engaging in.

Facebook and Twitter are not for the things I'd like to make. Neither are Wikis.

I like to make web pages, with images, links, and full control over the layout and interactions.